[Shipping guide for overseas customers]

Here you will find FAQ for those who live outside of Japan.

If you have any other questions, please contact us here. ↓
[email protected]

Forwarding service is convenient for shipping from Japan to overseas.
If you have any concerns about shipping, please search for "forwarding service" and use each shipping company.

If you would like to have your order shipped from our store, please check the following information before requesting it.

※Please contact us in English.

We offer international shipment using EMS International express service. The service is only partially available and depends on your country of origin. Please check your destination on the link page below.

Shipping charges vary depending on weight and delivery location.

CHINA : EMS-A[¥1,500] EMS-B[¥3,000] EMS-C[¥4,500]
HONG KONG : EMS-A[¥2,000] EMS-B[¥4,000] EMS-C[¥6,000]
KOREA : EMS-A[¥1,500] EMS-B[¥3,000] EMS-C[¥4,500]
TAIWAN : EMS-A[¥1,500] EMS-B[¥3,000] EMS-C[¥4,500]
OTHER COUNTRY : EMS-A[¥4,000] EMS-B[¥6,000] EMS-C[¥9,000]

If the total purchase amount exceeds 110,000 yen, shipping is free.

The shipping fee is set according to the weight of the product.

Shipping charges will be added if you wish to purchase multiple items.
If you would like to bundle the product, please contact us with the desired product before purchasing.↓
[email protected]

It depends on the destination or season. However, you can get a rough idea on the following page.
We will ship within 3 days of your order. Shipping days will be added for each country.

You can add on EMS insurance service. If you need your parcel to be insured, add the message "INSURED" in the remarks column.This service is free.

In principle, we do not accept returns and exchanges.

Payment methods are as follows:

Accepted credit cards: "VISA","MASTER","AMERICAN EXPRESS""JCB","DINERS"

※Some credit cards may not be used in Japan.